Why You Should Write A Honey Tate Published Book

You’ve mastered the school of hard knocks. That wisdom is invaluable for others coming behind you on the same path. Write your story to improve their lives.

I’ve always admired exceptional operators. The best ones have a fantastic educational background (not necessarily the institution, but their passion for lifelong learning), matched only with an unparalleled get-it-done attitude. They’re astute enough to analyze various types and sources of information, make the best decisions with the insights they can derive, and learn from the consequences of their actions. They’re quick learners, and if you look back on their careers, they’ve taken on increasingly more challenging roles and realms of responsibilities. They’ve progressed from a frontline contributor to a first-time manager, leaders of a team, and, ultimately, a senior executive. Perhaps they chose to take the entrepreneurial route, and after years of tolling, building, and attracting the right talent, they were able to exit their business successfully. Beyond their success, many are searching for their significance. 

Along this personal growth and professional development journey, they’ve learned many skills, gained incredible knowledge in applying those skills, and, most importantly, dialed in the right behaviors. They’ve had their share of setbacks and learning moments. They’ve observed world-class leaders model servant leadership traits, and they’ve been around dinosaur leaders who often suck the life out of others in their organizations. They’ve survived economic downturns and poor organizational decisions forcing their hands to make the best decisions from several bad options. They’ve led reductions in force (RIFs) and perhaps have been impacted by a slowdown, a shutdown, an acquisition, or a divestiture event. They’ve managed the political landscape for increasingly competitive roles/assignments and worked through partnerships and new technology implementations. One could argue that they’ve earned a Ph.D. from the school of hard knocks. 

Their wisdom is a complex and multifaceted quality associated with knowledge, insight, and sound judgment they’ve accumulated over decades. Their wisdom has been carefully and diligently curated through a series of past experiences, learned mistakes, and the application of knowledge in often vastly different situations. Their wisdom has honed their capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people, their industry, the best utilization of limited resources, and diverse environments where these three ingredients are combined to create enterprise value. Their wisdom is emotional regulation, the ability to understand, control, and express one’s emotions in a balanced manner. Their wisdom is open-minded to new ideas, perspectives, and differing points of view, with the humility to recognize one’s limited knowledge or understanding. Their wisdom has been kind, empathetic, and compassionate to those in need of their support, or perhaps a simple conversation to share one’s struggles, pains, or challenges to get through a tough day. 

Their wisdom is also priceless to many who will follow, both in their own organization and a significantly broader audience of lifelong learners. Because their wisdom often makes others more reflective, considering their thoughts, words, actions, and decisions more carefully and learning from their outcomes, their wisdom becomes the sherpa to guide others on a personal and professional growth journey. Their wisdom is patient, knowing that molding others takes time to lead to the desired outcomes. Their wisdom can increase the resilience of others to quickly recover from difficult situations and adapt to a business environment of constant change. Their wisdom invites self-awareness in one’s emotions, motives, strengths, and growing edges. Their wisdom can guide a different perspective of a larger picture, a broader context of a situation, and the why for others. Their wisdom is a life well lived. 

That wise operator is the perfect co-author for a Honey Tate Publishing (HTP) book. From thought leadership, which allows the executive to share their unique insights, knowledge, and experiences to cement their leadership brand further, a calling card to educate, mentor, and coach other leaders, the platform to connect to a wider audience, an HTP co-authored book leaves a legacy. 

Make no mistake about it - capturing, editing, indexing, illustrating key insights, designing a compelling cover, and production, not to mention the marketing and distribution process, is no small task. It requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. The decision should be carefully considered and weighed against other potential uses of those sources.

If that leader’s head and heart are in the right place, the joy of holding one’s philosophies, values, perspectives, and wisdom in a book is incredibly fulfilling and a proud moment. Just make sure you know your why!

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